Book #1: A Drowned Maiden’s Hair

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair by Laura Amy Schlitz


Everyone wants to be loved by one person or another and Maud Flynn is no different. As an adventurous and naughty orphan girl, Maud backtalks and creates trouble on a day-to-day basis. So when a lovely looking lady called Miss Hyacinth comes to the orphanage and adopts her, Maud is more surprised than anyone. Maud is taken into a lovely home with Hyacinth’s two sisters, Victoria and Judith, who are good to her. Maud finally feels that she is loved and has a family. However, the sisters aren’t normal. They tell Maud that she is to be a secret child. But why? And what secrets are the sisters keeping from her?

My Review

This book is a page turner and leaves you in major suspense. Like a graveyard mystery, people are messing with the line between the living and the dead that shouldn’t be messed with. I loved this book because through this journey, Maude discovers herself and how much she is willing to endure to be loved.

This photo was taken by me.

Recommended Age

I would recommend this book for 13-14 year old’s because of some of the vocabulary and the overall concept of the book. However, I think it could be really great for 12 year old’s as well. Early teenage years would be the perfect age to read this book.


If you love humor, a little tinge of creepiness and a whole lot of trouble, then A Drowned Maiden’s Hair is the book for you! Below is the link on Amazon to buy the book. Also below is a link to more books that Laura Amy Schlitz has written. Please like and comment below about improvement on my blog, book recommendations for me to check out and positive feedback! Thanks so much for your support! Happy reading!

Photo by Miro Alt on
The ocean and jetty are two important settings in A Drowned Maidens Hair

Link to buy A Drowned Maiden’s Hair here

Link to learn more about Laura Amy Schlitz and her books here


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