New Reads Coming Soon!!

Well hello there! Can y’all believe that March of 2019 is almost behind us? I certainly can’t. Though this fact is sad, dry those tears quickly because on April 1st, two new reads are coming your way! That’s right…new material for you to dive into and enjoy. I have the privilege of seeing the musical Hamilton at the end of this month. In this spirit, a third book will be covered as a special edition. Get ready, get set, and be prepared to do some serious reading in April. Talk to y’all super soon!

-your fellow book lover

Published by

Uniquely Hannah

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a devote book reader. I have read both popular books and unknown books. However, I feel that the latter are more unique and more interesting than the popular books that everyone knows. I wanted to bring the lesser known books into the light. If you read my blog, you might find your new favorite book! Thanks and enjoy!

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