Happy Summer!

Well hello my devoted readers! It really has been too long since I talked to you last. This last month has been absolutely HETIC and I have barely been able to get a breath. However, I have some very exciting news! School has just ended for me, which means that new books will 100% be coming to you soon! I appreciate y’alls patience with me. Being expecting a lot of new books to read this summer! I will talk to you very very soon 😉.

-your fellow book lover

Published by

Uniquely Hannah

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a devote book reader. I have read both popular books and unknown books. However, I feel that the latter are more unique and more interesting than the popular books that everyone knows. I wanted to bring the lesser known books into the light. If you read my blog, you might find your new favorite book! Thanks and enjoy!

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