The Altitude Journals: A Seven Year Journey from the Lowest Point in My Life to the Highest Point on Earth

Written by: David Mauro

The Altitude Journals-A Seven Year Journey from the Lowest Point in My Life to the Highest Point on Earth is a story of self-discovery, redemption, and love. Born into an impoverished family, David Mauro struggles with his sense of purpose, and it is only after his marriage collapses as an adult does he start to change. As David starts his mountain-climbing journey, he is accompanied by many famous mountaineers who later become the truest friends he has ever had. And sending him on these quests is a voice David describes as his calling–he won’t go unless he is called. As he summits each difficult mountain, David learns something new about himself–and how he feels about others in his life. Through the support and unconditional love of his family, David strikes back against his depression and becomes the man he has always aspired to be. After all, conquering the 7 summits certainly beats becoming an Olympic athlete in axe-throwing. 🙂 

I would rate this book 7.5/10 stars. The Altitude Journals features a sense of hope in a broken character. His inspiring journey makes you want to leap up out of your seat and go do something to change the world. However, I did not give it 10 stars because I wanted more description of his personal life, and how he applied the lesson he had just learned on the mountain into his lifestyle.  

Photo by Zack Melhus on
David had to endure many different climates during his adventures.

This book featured intense profanity, though much of the cussing happened while David was on the mountains and it didn’t occur often.

I would recommend this book to audiences who want to be inspired and people who like nonfiction. In addition, if you are interested in learning about mountaineering or the summit of a difficult mountain such as Everest, this book is for you. And finally, I would recommend this book for people who are going through something tragic or just can’t seem to find the light in the day anymore–read this book about a man who went through the same thing, and watch how he transforms because of something he loves.

Photo by Pawan Yadav on
David learned more about himself through stunning and uninterrupted views like this.

This book was very well edited; I did not find a single grammatical error. What I liked most about this book was the way it made me feel at the very end. His unceasing joy seeped from the page into my fingertips, and I got to experience his remarkable journey from start to finish with this incredible man. What I like least about the book was the mountain of Elbrus. It didn’t hold my attention and felt rather bland to me.  

All in all, this unbelievable journey was well documented in a captivating book. With a review of 7.5/10 stars, I believe audiences of non-fiction and inspiration lovers would fall in love with this story. With the theme of new beginnings and redemption, this was a feel-good story. The Altitude Journals is certainly worth your time. The usual two links are below. Thank you so much for reading!


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Learn more about David Mauro here:

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