The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Aiden Bishop wakes up in another man’s body. But it very well could be his own as he has no idea where he is or who he his. The only thing he can remember is a name–Anna. He finds that he is at Hardcastle mansion where a lavish dinner party is being hosted on the night of the Hardcastle’s youngest child’s death. During his search for this Anna, whom he remembers as a friend, he stumbles upon his purpose, and the rules of the game–every day is the same, and every night at 11 pm, Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered . Aiden has eight days to find the murderer. Only, every day, he is thrown into someone else’s body; another person who has a small piece to play in her death. If Aiden fails, he will restart the cycle again–no memories, no sense of identity, but still the same goal. As Aiden starts to lose his identity to those of who he is inhabiting, can he piece together Evelyn’s murder before he is lost completely?

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Oh. My. Freaking. Gracious. The goal of this blog is to bring you guys great books to read, but when I tell you this book is the best of the best, I am not kidding. If you look at my previous reviews, it is pretty obvious that I am obsessed with dystopian and murder mystery books, and this was the perfect mixture of both. Even if you don’t normally like these two genres, I still cannot recommend this book enough: The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is an absolute must read. This is the first book in a long time I had a lot of trouble setting down, and it took me about two days to finish. The one note I would give is that the beginning is a little slow. Once you are in about the first 50 pages, things start to connect, and that’s when I really started getting into it. The world that Turton creates is very Groundhog Day meets Brothers Grimm and I am totally here for it. In most murder mysteries I’ve read, you usually have an idea of who it is by the end, but this is most definitely not true here. If you decide to read this book, please comment below who your guesses are in terms of the murder–I could’ve not been more off. One tip for you all: pay more attention to the sequence of events before you make your guess. Be on the lookout for a movie too, I’m pretty sure there’s one coming out on Netflix!!

Thank you guys so much for reading!! Again, if there is a book I want you to read from this blog, it most certainly has to be this one. If you have a birthday coming up, know a family or friend that would really enjoy this, or just want to treat yourself, I highly suggest you check out the link to purchase this book on Amazon below!! I also recommend you check out Turton’s biography below, because I found it pretty funny. Regarding my posting schedule, I am so sorry it’s been all over the place the last couple months. I am really trying to read and review a surplus of books right now so I can keep up a more consistent posting schedule. Please let me know down in the comments what other book related content you want to see from me, and I will try to do that as well!! Have a great week y’all!

-your fellow book lover

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Hannah’s Rating: 11/10 stars


  1. Hi, you totally don’t know me, but I just happened to randomly, of course, stumble on your blog. What a hidden gem! A diamond in the rough! I’ll certainly be coming here frequently, mind you, to find more books, especially ones that rank higher than 10/10 stars.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a birthday coming up, so I’ll have to wait quite a few more months to check it out. But when it comes around, I’ll remember this lovely post and purchase it immediately!

    Another book lover.


    1. Hey Shekina! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I hope that you find some books that you enjoy here, and please keep this book in mind for your birthdays! Ooh, I like your ending!

      All the ribbits,



      1. Certainly. Hay is for horses, but that is forgivable. Oh, yes! That is such a wonderful idea. I could purchase this for all my birthdays. I’m so glad you brought that up. What a fantastic thought.

        Thank you, I quite enjoy my ending as well. Keep in mind, that where something ends, another starts.


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