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Well howdy everyone! So sorry I haven’t posted: life has just been crazy. My birthday was 10 days ago and everything has just been a whirlwind. However: there is some important pieces of news. Lets jump right in!

First off: my newest feature! If you haven’t noticed, yesterday and today I have been busy updating my blog. A new thing I have added to each of my book posts is something called Hannah’s Grade. This unique grading system is something I have created. I take two main factors and average them out into my grade. The first factor I use is originality. Did the author go to their creative limits to come up with this book or is it a knockoff of some other story? The second feature is was it entertaining? Was I intrigued the whole book or did it have a slow start or a bad ending? After I think through these two questions, I average them out and I get my final grade. Be sure to look at the bottom of my page where you can see Hannah’s Grade. IMPORTANT NOTE: I AM NOT GRADING THESE BOOKS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. Many of these books I write about are different in their own way and I could not possibly compare them.

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Second: new links! At the bottom of my posts, there is now two links: one to buy the book on Amazon, and the second one is to learn more about the author, their books or their cause. Be sure to check them out; they are really cool!

Third: new name! I was told by a fellow reader that my blog name didn’t represent what I was talking about in my blog. First off, thank you so much for your feedback. It was really helpful and hopefully beneficial. Second, I noticed that they were right! Forgotten on the Bookshelf could be taken so many different directions. Because of this, I have decided to change my name! My blog is now called Unnoticed on the Bookshelf. I think it sounds even better. Also in this category, I have a new site address: unnoticedbooks.blog . Same blog, new name.

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And finally, fourth: new schedule! If your life is as busy as mine is, you will note that you don’t have a ton of time. However: I love doing this blog, so I am going to continue doing it, just posting less frequently. On the 1st of every month, I will post about 2 new books. This way, you will have a book to read for every two weeks. On March 1st, I will begin this cycle. New reads coming then!

Thank you so much for being patient and understanding with me. Right now is a very busy time, as I’m sure it is for you too, but I promise: you shall not be without something to read for long! Stay tune for 2 new reads you will LOVE! Please share and comment about my blog! I love constructive criticism. It really helps, no matter what it is. Thank you so much and Happy Reading!!

-your fellow book lover

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Book #4: The Glass Sentence

The Glass Sentence; written by S.E. Grove


It’s called the Great Disruption; a split second when the whole world is shoved into chaos. Each continent is split up and thrown into different Ages, or times, either in the future or the past. Now, since these Ages are either so behind or so advanced, they cannot contact one another. Because of this, mapmaking is now the most important job in the world. The main character in this story is Sophia Tims of New Occident, Boston. After her parents disappeared 8 years ago, answering a desperate plea for help, Sophia lives with her famous cartographer uncle, Shadrack Elli. Famous for both reading and making difficult maps, Shadrack is one of the most famous and skilled cartographers in Boston. When it is announced that the borders of New Occident are to be closed, Shadrack starts to teach Sophia how to read maps so they can go look for Bronson and Minna, Sophia’s parents. Suddenly, Shadrack is kidnapped, and Sophia is alone. All he leaves her is a glass map (which turns out to be very valuable) and instructions to go to one of his most trusted friends in a place far from Boston. Together with Theo, a boy refugee from the West, Sophia adventures on both sea and land to try to rescue her uncle, along with friends she meets along the way. Will Sophia be able to save Shadrack and protect the valuable map he has put in her care?

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My review

This book kept me on the edge of my seat. Right away, it started off intense, which I why I adored it so much. Ms. Grove did a fantastic job of piecing the clues together throughout the whole book. Unexpected twists and turns regularly occurred. The quote, “expect the unexpected,” is perfect for this story.

Recommended reading age

I would recommend this book for 11 years and up. The Glass Sentence was not a hard read, but I had to read some of the clues and hints a couple times to fully grasp their meaning. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who likes being surprised and lots of adventure. This book was like a giant puzzle that was very fun to figure out.

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The Glass Sentence truly was a unique story. It took me very limited time to finish this book because it was such a page turner and I couldn’t put it down. The Glass Sentence is the first book of a three book series, the other two titles being The Golden Specific and The Crimson Skew. I personally wasn’t as intrigued by the second and third books and did not end up finishing the series. Below are the links to purchase the books on Amazon and the link to learn more about the author. If you have any suggestions for books or for my blog, feel free to comment below. Thanks so much for checking out my post! Happy Reading everyone!

Hannah’s Grade: 8 stars out of 10


Link to buy the book on Amazon here

Link to learn more about Ms. S.E. Grove here

Book #3: A Solitary Blue

A Solitary Blue by Cynthia Voigt

Book Summary 

A Solitary Blue is eye-opening book about a boy named Jeff Greene. The book starts with Jeff being a second grader, but focuses on Jeff as he grows up into a young man. Jeff has a challenging relashionship with his mother, Melody, and his father, the Professor throughout the story. His parents are divorced and Jeff lives with his father, so he doesn’t get to see his mother very much. But that all changes when one summer she invites him to come stay with her. Jeff, having always been quiet and someone who doesn’t care, starts to come out of his shell with his mother. But that turns out to be a mistake, and now Jeff can’t feel anything other than the pain. Read this book to find out more.

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My Review

I absolutely love this book! If someone was to ask me for a book recommendation, this would definitely be on the top of my list. However, this book requires a certain type of reader. I recommended this to one of my close friends and she didn’t like it. If you love books with character development, drama, and a little touch of humor, this book is definitely for you. Little warning, this book does start off a little slow, but keep persevering and you will look back on it fondly.

Recommended Age

I would recommend this book for 11 and up because it’s not a hard read but its not an easy one either. It is, as you can see, a Newberry Honor book. Its 250 pages, so not tediously long. I read this book when I was 11, which was the perfect age for me to read it.

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The blue heron is a very important symbol in the book A Solitary Blue.


A Solitary Blue is absolutely one of my all-time favorites. I loved how Jeff was able to discover himself through solitude. Being more of an introvert myself, meaning I recharge better alone, I can definitely appreciate his experience. The two link below are for buying the book on Amazon and the other one is more information on the Cynthia Voigt. If you have any questions or comments about this book, definitely share them below! If youhave any positive feedback, book suggestions or anything else that would help me develop my blog, I would so appreciate it! Thank you everyone! Happy reading!

Hannah’s Grade: 8.5 stars out of 10.


Find on Amazon here.

More about Cynthia Voigt here

Book #2: Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward: the Young Reader’s edition by Catherine Ryan Hyde


When your teacher gives you an assignment to change the world for the better, it can be difficult to imagine how one person can make a difference. But Trevor McKinney, a small boy in California, comes up with an idea that could work. Do a favor for someone, a really big one, and instead of asking them to pay it back, ask them to pay it forward to three other people. Trevor starts to put his plan into action. It doesn’t seem to be working, until one day, unexplained reports of kindness start to pop up everywhere. And no one can explain how it started. Read the book to read more about Trevor and his ambition to make the world a better place.

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My review

I absolutely loved this book! It was such a heart-warming, lift-you-up book that I could not put down. I love how Trevor, Arlene and Mr. St. Claire went through many trials together and came out victorious. Not everyone was supportive of Trevor’s movement. In fact, many kids scoffed at the idea. This goes to show that if you believe in something with all your heart, your dreams could come true. The Pay it Forward Foundation is real, founded by the author of this book, Catherine. The foundation inspires extraordinary random acts of kindness throughout the world each day. Use the link belwo to learn more about their cause.

Recommended Reading Age

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up because of the overall concept. While light, the concept would need a more mature mind to create an impact in. I do believe that, like in the book, these acts of kindness could some day be a regular occurrence.

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Pay it Forward is a inspiring book that makes you laugh, cry and smile all at the same time. I loved this book because of the determination of the characters, who all wanted to succeed in life badly. Thanks for reading everyone! If you would like to buys this book on Amazon, the link is attached below. If you would like to learn more about the Pay it Forward Foundation, the link is also attached below. Like I said before, please give me any positive feedback on my blog, any book suggestions that I should check out and please share this blog with anyone who you would think might like it! Thank you all so much! Happy reading!

Hannah’s Grade: 9 stars out of 10


Link to buys this book on Amazon here

Link to learn more about the Pay It Forward Foundation here

Book #1: A Drowned Maiden’s Hair

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair by Laura Amy Schlitz


Everyone wants to be loved by one person or another and Maud Flynn is no different. As an adventurous and naughty orphan girl, Maud backtalks and creates trouble on a day-to-day basis. So when a lovely looking lady called Miss Hyacinth comes to the orphanage and adopts her, Maud is more surprised than anyone. Maud is taken into a lovely home with Hyacinth’s two sisters, Victoria and Judith, who are good to her. Maud finally feels that she is loved and has a family. However, the sisters aren’t normal. They tell Maud that she is to be a secret child. But why? And what secrets are the sisters keeping from her?

My Review

This book is a page turner and leaves you in major suspense. Like a graveyard mystery, people are messing with the line between the living and the dead that shouldn’t be messed with. I loved this book because through this journey, Maude discovers herself and how much she is willing to endure to be loved.

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Recommended Age

I would recommend this book for 13-14 year old’s because of some of the vocabulary and the overall concept of the book. However, I think it could be really great for 12 year old’s as well. Early teenage years would be the perfect age to read this book.


If you love humor, a little tinge of creepiness and a whole lot of trouble, then A Drowned Maiden’s Hair is the book for you! Below is the link on Amazon to buy the book. Also below is a link to more books that Laura Amy Schlitz has written. Please like and comment below about improvement on my blog, book recommendations for me to check out and positive feedback! Thanks so much for your support! Happy reading!

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The ocean and jetty are two important settings in A Drowned Maidens Hair

Link to buy A Drowned Maiden’s Hair here

Link to learn more about Laura Amy Schlitz and her books here

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